'Please pick up my little treasures in the yard!'
(reduces fly population)
'Please pick up my food dishes between meals!'
(it won't attract ants that way)

'Please stack cut wood on a rack 3" to 6" off the ground!'
(keeps all kinds of insects out of the wood pile)
'Please fill me with your clippings and yard debris!'
(eliminates the places insects hide and breed)
'The garage door is the #1 place for insects and mice to get into your home!'
(ensure a proper seal when door is closed)
Bees, wasps and hornets can live in the attic.  Check for cracks around ventaltion shafts. Pigeons love to roost on your roof. Wasps and Hornets will build their nests under the eaves.  Check here often.
All sorts of pests can enter through the garage opening. Make sure your weather stripping is not cracked or torn.  Ants can easily enter here. Make sure there are no tears in the window screens.  Flying insects can enter your home.

'Please keep grass trimmed to about 3 inches for better pest management!'
(eliminates the places insects hide and breed)
'Please use me 15 to 20 minutes before your service.  Lightly water the foundation, cracks and crevices in porch and cement areas, railroad ties, planters and any other objects that insects can hide under.'
(water brings the bugs to the surface of the ground where they are more easily controlled)

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