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  • Notify us of the problem when you schedule your service.
  • Rake all the old mounds flat prior to the first treatment leaving only the newest mounds so we can determine the primary area(s) of gopher activity.
  • Rake new mounds flat following your service on a continuing basis so only the newest mounds are visible at the time of each treatment.
  • Treat gopher tunnels in the ground with traps to reduce the gopher population within your property area.  We need the most recent mounds visible to locate the tunnel activity.

Gophers come to you from many sources such as fields, canals and neighbor's property.  This allows a continual population supply.  Therefore, additional service may be required at a later time.

Frank is really good at trapping gophers

Frank is really good
at trapping gophers
We use gopher traps.  You can set them yourself,
or we can do it for you.

  • A gopher is about the size of a large rat.
  • Usually only one gopher occupies a tunnel.
  • The mounds are not the openings of the tunnels, they are simply the refuse piles of dirt from their labors.
  • Gophers will bite.  Do not attempt to corner or capture them.  Despite their size, they have very powerful jaws and have been known to "clamp" on hands and fingers.  Like other rodents, gophers can carry diseases.  Let a professional help you rid your property of the problem.
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WARNING: Using water to 'flood out' a gopher may cause serious damage to your property or home.  The tunnels have a tendency to collapse when the water absorbs into the surrounding dirt.

Pocket Gopher 
Pocket gopher



Try steeping dried, crushed chili peppers in water overnight.  Spray the water in and around the gopher holes.  The smell of chili not only deters gophers, but cats, rabbits and many insects as well!


It is said the haunting sound of the wind blowing over empty beer bottles in the yard frightens away the gophers!

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