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Scorpion in a jar
Scorpions glow under a black
Scorpions glow in the dark with a black light

Scorpions are becoming a bigger and more common problem as our communities continue to grow and construction projects increase.  They are being forced to find new feeding grounds and they are looking for them in and around our homes.  The BEST and SAFEST method of control is to keep them OUT OF your living area.

  • Notify us of the problem when you schedule your service.
  • Seal all openings around doors and windows (good weather stripping is vital here).
  • Keep all clothes and household items off of the floor in laundry areas, garages or other rooms so the scorpions are not transported in these items.
  • Keep grass, shrubs and potted plants well trimmed and free of debris (which serve as perfect hiding places in which to feed).
  • Use a black light in a dark room to check clothing, shoes, and bedding prior to dressing or sleeping.  (The scorpions glow in the dark with a black light and can be carefully retrieved - USE CAUTION.)
  • Treat problem areas indoors around baseboards and surface areas.
  • Treat problem areas outdoors around doorways, windows and foundation.

SPECIAL NOTE: Scorpions can take SEVERAL days to die once they are exposed to the chemical.  The service provided is most effective in eliminating the insects on which they feed.  In cased of EXTREME infestations, one or more 2-week follow-up service is recommended.

One major area usually overlooked in the management of scorpions is the roof. Chimneys, vents, and other openings need to be sealed with screen. This is something you can do yourself or have us do as a special service.

SCORPION FACTS: Black Scorpion
  • Male reaches 2.6 inches in length
  • Female reaches 2.3 inches in length
  • Both reach maturity in 3 to 4 years
  • Female produces up to 32 young

Arthropods are animals without backbones and which have segmented bodies with a horny outer skeleton.  They include crustacea like shrimps and lobsters, arachnids like spiders, scorpions, and ticks; millipedes and centipedes; and six legged insects.  There are over 20 times more species of arthropods than all the other animals put together!

Put a moist piece of carpet outside.  The scorpions love that environment and many will congregate under the carpet.  From there they can be carefully retrieved and destroyed.

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