In October, 2001, Park Rangers in the
Grand Canyon National Park discovered
a bee hive in a saw cut of a tree 40 feet
up. (Circled in picture at left)  They did 
some research on the Internet and 
found Courtesy Pest Control.  They called 
Bob to see what could be done.  He said
that he and Mary would go to the Canyon
to assess the problem and train the 
rangers in bee management.

Here is a photo album of their trip.

Grand Canyon National Park Training Academy graciously provided accommodations

Heliport where the "big day" started

Bob inspecting the helicopter ... hmmmmm

Mary getting into flight gear ... hmmmmmm

Bob, Mary and Don ... it can't be that bad if the Safety Director is flying

Bob is all strapped in and ready to go

Mary is all strapped in and ready to go (maybe)

Flying into the Canyon to the ranger station landing area

We've landed safely and are ready to "hike" our gear to the training site

Beautiful site of the flag atop the ranger station

Bob starts the training with the rangers

Bob demonstrates the bee traps for future use in the Canyon

Bob tells the guys they cannot use the trap as a planter box ...

Canyon shot from the ranger station

Another view from the ranger station

Bob ... whew ... where's my ride back to the top???

Local deer roam freely at the Grand Canyon School District

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