A cave with bees
Bees in a cave on the top of the mountain.
Just to the right of the house.

Frank points to the cave With the beehive inside.
It's bigger than it looks.

That white dot is Frank about T of the way up.

The black hole in the back of cave is
about 3 ft. wide by about 4 ft. high.

This is after the bees were killed.
The honeycomb is about 2 ft. long by
3 ft.wide and 3 to 4 ft. deep.

The bees in this cave were very aggressive.  Kids throwing rocks and things
into the hive had disturbed them.  New bee activity (swarms and hives) are
90% or more likely to be Africanized.  No one should disturb swarms or hives.
Teach your kids that bees can be deadly. They can be found anywhere from a
cave on a mountain, to a tree, in a bush or water valve box in your yard or the
park.  Don't risk your or your loved one's health.  Call a professional. Never eat
the honey from a dead hive. It might have been sprayed with insecticide or be

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